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<h3>Tokii-10TMS is a thermal analyzer camera that can be used for various PCB applications, especially PCB testing.</h3> <strong>Check and locate High temperature regions on your PCB during testing. </strong> <strong>You can also Set temperature alarms for a particular temperature range beyond which if temperature rises, the alarm goes off.</strong> <strong>What's more? You can also data log all the temperature values.</strong> <strong>Thermal camera comes with focus option.</strong> <strong>The instrument has high build quality and comes with software that can be installed on you windows PC. The software is easy to use.</strong> • Locate current leakage and short circuit • Circuit design simulation assistance • Macro view of circuit board components • 3D thermal field distribution analysis • High temperature alarm tracking • Regional temperature curve record • USB direct connection to computer • Full analysis of 52,000 temperature points • Fast and stable metal bracket • Freely expandable structural design <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15062" src="" alt="" width="1995" height="2475" />   <h4><strong>Optional Experiment box (buy extra)</strong></h4> ● Adjustable size of wire hole suit for different lines ● 50mm thermal imaging observation window which can observe the whole PCBA ● Acrylic high transmittance shell to ensure airtightness and can check the placement of PCBA. ● USB cable with temperature sensor can plug in and acquire temperature data instantly ● The size of the experiment box is 110mm*90mm*60mm <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15061" src="" alt="" width="2517" height="2480" /> <h4><strong>Features Of Optional Experiment Box </strong></h4> ● Simulate the heating condition of the PCBA in a closed environment ● Verify dissipation effect of the heat dissipation materials ● Combined verification of temperature sensor & thermal imaging temperature measurement ● Evaluate the heat dissipation of product with IP54 or above ● New dissipation design to replace the traditional probe ● Large-aperture observation hole for check the heating status conveniently ● Passing hole is convenient for power cable connection ● The temperature sensor shows the box heating status ● Temperature trend record for review the temperature rising data of long- time work ● Support temperature data export by Excel format ● Over-limit temperature can be automatically photographed for further PCBA analysis ● Fully USB connection, convenient and fast <h5>For more information download the datesheet or contact us.</h5> #thermalanalyzer #thermalcamera #thermaltesting #PCBtesting #PCBsimulation   <pre>*pictures used here are for representative purposes only. Actual product might vary.</pre>      

Thermal Analyzer For Various Applications