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Dispensing Gantry Robot

Dispensing Robots

Gantry Bare Robot dispensing 4 axis

Dispensing Robot

Dispensing Robots

Dispensing Robot 1 worktable  Sizes 200 X 200 X 100 mm 300 X 300 X 100 mm 400 X 400 X 100 mm 500 X 500 X 100 mm

Double Head Soldering Robot

Soldering Robots

Double Head Soldering Robot

Dust Box

Other ESD & Clean Room Solutions

Static Dust Box + controller + suction + ionizer


PCB Cutting Robots

PCB routing robot with vacuum suck for debris

Screw Robot Double bench

Screw Robot

Screw Robot Double Bench

Soldering Robot 1 worktable

Soldering Robots

Soldering Robot available sizes 3 axis & 4 axis 300 X 300 X 100 mm 400 X 400 X 100 mm 500 X 500 X 100 mm

Spray Coating Robot

Dispensing Robots

Spray Coating Robot Used for Applications Like Conformal Coating. Size Available 400X400X100 500X500X100


Other Solutions

Hot Air Gun


Screw Assembly Solutions

Automatic Screw Feeder Air Blow M1 to M6 less than eq. to 18 mm length of screw. dedicated design to customer screw and product drawing ( don't buy without consultation, always share screw drawing and product drawing as they are custom solutions). Specify Screwdriver torque.