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Screw Assembly Solutions

Automatic Screw Feeder Air Blow M1 to M6 less than eq. to 18 mm length of screw. dedicated design to customer screw and product drawing ( don't buy without consultation, always share screw drawing and product drawing as they are custom solutions). Specify Screwdriver torque.



Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Data logger and software


SMD Hot Tweezer

Screw Feeder


Optical Inspection Solutions

<h3>Tokii-10TMS is a thermal analyzer camera that can be used for various PCB applications, especially PCB testing.</h3> <strong>Check and locate High temperature regions on your PCB during testing. </strong> <strong>You can also Set temperature alarms for a particular temperature range beyond which if temperature rises, the alarm goes off.</strong> <strong>What's more? You can also data log all the temperature values.</strong> <strong>Thermal camera comes with focus option.</strong> <strong>The instrument has high build quality and comes with software that can be installed on you windows PC. The software is easy to use.</strong> • Locate current leakage and short circuit • Circuit design simulation assistance • Macro view of circuit board components • 3D thermal field distribution analysis • High temperature alarm tracking • Regional temperature curve record • USB direct connection to computer • Full analysis of 52,000 temperature points • Fast and stable metal bracket • Freely expandable structural design <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15062" src="" alt="" width="1995" height="2475" />   <h4><strong>Optional Experiment box (buy extra)</strong></h4> ● Adjustable size of wire hole suit for different lines ● 50mm thermal imaging observation window which can observe the whole PCBA ● Acrylic high transmittance shell to ensure airtightness and can check the placement of PCBA. ● USB cable with temperature sensor can plug in and acquire temperature data instantly ● The size of the experiment box is 110mm*90mm*60mm <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15061" src="" alt="" width="2517" height="2480" /> <h4><strong>Features Of Optional Experiment Box </strong></h4> ● Simulate the heating condition of the PCBA in a closed environment ● Verify dissipation effect of the heat dissipation materials ● Combined verification of temperature sensor & thermal imaging temperature measurement ● Evaluate the heat dissipation of product with IP54 or above ● New dissipation design to replace the traditional probe ● Large-aperture observation hole for check the heating status conveniently ● Passing hole is convenient for power cable connection ● The temperature sensor shows the box heating status ● Temperature trend record for review the temperature rising data of long- time work ● Support temperature data export by Excel format ● Over-limit temperature can be automatically photographed for further PCBA analysis ● Fully USB connection, convenient and fast <h5>For more information download the datesheet or contact us.</h5> #thermalanalyzer #thermalcamera #thermaltesting #PCBtesting #PCBsimulation   <pre>*pictures used here are for representative purposes only. Actual product might vary.</pre>      

Thermal Analyzer For Various Applications  


SMD Hot Tweezer

Surface resistivity Meter with temperature and humidity


SMD Hot Tweezer

Dual combo Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester with door access control and stand


SMD Hot Tweezer

Turnstile gate with ESD tester


Test And Measurement Solutions

Dry Cabinet 1428 Ltr.


Fume Absorber

Single duct Fume absorber


SMD Hot Tweezer

High Performance Optical Alignment BGA Rework system


Other Solutions

Ultrasonic Rivet Machine For Plastic


SMD Hot Tweezer

Double duct Fume absorber DIGITAL