Since 1995 they are the pioneers in engineering for their soldering tools and are known best for the performance, accuracy and durability. We are Exclusive distributors for Goot in India Since 1996.

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Since 1978, engaged in R&D, manufacturing of industrial-level precision electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers, their products have obtained more than 50 kinds of patents in more than 20 countries. They won the National Gold Award Company of Excellence in 2000. We are Exclusive distributors for ASA in India Since 2000.


Since 1938 the company’s focus is to provide real ESD Solutions with the latest technology. HF, HDC-AC Technology are the latest technologies for the long term ion balance on the production line and hence they produce the best results. We are Exclusive distributors for SSD in India Since 2006.


Since 1979 they have developed various hand tools and became leaders in the field of manufacturing of hand tools, in shearing, in electronics and in parts and in the electro-technical field. They offer more than 400 different types of tools with high quality and lower price. They are also the manufacturers of a series of automatic machines for PCB and electronic circuits “Piergiacomi Robotics”, work benches and measuring microscopes. We are Exclusive distributors for Piergiacomi in India Since 2000.


Since 1971 Cedar is known for its accuracy in products and unique tools for torque management in the world and they have actively developed “what is not in the world”. We are National distributors for Cedar in India Since 2008.

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Siborg was established in February 1994 to make scientific software for semiconductor device designing, 3D solver for Poisson/Diffusion/Heat Transfer Equation and Resident Scientific Calculator for IBM PB. They make custom designed software tools. Smart smd tweezer is a compact LCR meter for modern electronics industries. We are exclusive distributors for Siborg in India Since 2012.

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Pioneers in Enamel wire stripping, they were 1st to develop tool for enamel wire stripping. We are Exclusive distributors for Ritz in India Since 2013.

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Established in 1954, they are pioneers in various spray nozzles and unique technology of dry fog, which creates humidity but without wetting any surfaces. We are exclusive distributors for H. Ikeuchi in India Since 2012.


Established in 1918, they are pioneers in thermal wire stripper, joule soldering, heat plates, fume extraction solutions and many more special solutions. They specialise in quick heating. We are exclusive distributors for F.T.M Technologies in India since 2012.

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They are the specialists in the construction of equipment for electronic assembly and electrical wiring. Their special solutions include Dross Separator and Selective Mini Wave Soldering Machine. We are Exclusive Distributors for MGR Electro in India Since 2020.

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They are the experts in sourcing from quality makers all over the world. Their equipment is reasonably priced. Tokii is a registered brand in India.


They specialize in force measurement (digital and mechanical force gauges, test benches) and test stands. We are distributors for Imada in India Since 2014.


They specialize in high quality hand tools, micro nippers and hand held magnifier  (10x zoom) and have many patented tools in their product line up. We are distributors for Engineer in India Since 2003.

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