Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd.


1.  Does installation training requires ?
These are simple equipments just plug in & use, hence installation or training is not required. However, still if customer wants we can provide training at extra charge.
2.  How can I get these equipments at my location?
After Purchaging your equipments and once payment we will recive the shipment will be made to you directly.
 3. How do you service of these equipment?
We provide complete services at our Delhi & Bangalore offices for all the products sold through us.
4. How I can maintain solder tip for better results ?
Check Library
5.How I can select soldering tip for my application ?
Please check library
6. How is reliability/ durability of these products?
Customers are using products without any problem through out the world including India. products are practically proven product in field since 1996 in india itself.
7. Is on-site service or AMC possible?
Yes, provided number of installations are more.
8. Is there any local source from where I can purchase these equipments?
Please send a request to us. We will intimate to you if any source is available next door to you.
9.Often my tips got black and not catching solder and poor wettability is coming which result bad soldering. Do you have solution for such Problem?
Yes, In industry many time tips which got black often customer discard to use. We have solution called tip tinner/tip refresher which can be used with any tip Model BS-2 is available on site under Soldering and Rework Accessories
10. Since these are imported items, Are spare parts and consumables locally available?
Yes, we keep all type of parts in stock so that our customer investment remain productive.
11.What is preventive maintenance?
Specified in the manual along with product supplied
12.What is the warranty for products sold by you of any Principal?
Warranty vary from product to product that will be communicated to you in our Performa Invoice/quotation.