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Screw Counter

This Smart Counter for Electric Screwdrivers is a one stop solution for all you countingneeds and has various features which can be configured by the user with the help of remotethrough the IRDA communication port on the front. This makes it more suitable for placeswhere minimum interference by operator is required.

The Counter remembers its state afterpower off & on and does not cause a problem in case of power cuts or switchovers in orderto provide you trouble free job resume. All the inputs and outputs are industry standard 24V.

The Detailed features are as below:-

  • Can be used with both 5 pin and 6 pin type screwdrivers of ASA make and alsohigh power screwdrivers to cover a wide range of screw drivers and applications.
  • Can only be configured by Remote to avoid minimal interference by the operator.Once set cannot be changed by operator.
  • Does not let the screwdriver work even when counter powered off when screwdriver connected through counter.
  •   Does not count when the torque has already been achieved and operator tries to redo/recheck a screw.
  • Does not lose its last state after power cycling.
  • Has Reset and Bypass Buttons on front which can be enabled and disabled via remote only, helps management to make better control.
  • Pass and Fail LED and also loud buzzer to indicate pass or fail of job.
  • Upto 3 no of inputs available ( Standard 2 ) and upto 2 NPN sensors can be connected and it can provide the 24V to the sensor as well.
  • 2 No of 24V outputs each for pass and fail can be used to automate jigs and operaterelays etc.
  • All Signals and Inputs/outputs connected via high quality pluggable screw terminals for ease of connection.

Model AT-01 SC-DC
Voltage AT-01 SC-DC  24V ± 5%( Supplier SMPS works from
Max. Power Consumption 24 W
Dimensions 52mm (H) X 108mm (W) x 135mm (L)
Weight 0.35 Kg (without wires)

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