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Solder Pots

Solder Pot 440 watt max temp 350 deg Cclose loop, solder 5.5 kg


Solder Pots

Solder Pot 900 watt max temp 450 deg C close loop, solder 3.5 kg


Solder Pots

Solder Pot 720 watt max temp 400 deg C close loop, solder 9.5 kg


Solder Pots

Solder Pot 1400 watt max temp 450 deg C close loop, solder 7 kg


Solder Pots

Solder Pot 270-530 deg, 130 watt, 300 gm solder


Solder Pots

Solder Pot 270-530 deg, 130 watt, 300 gm solder


Solder Pots

Solder Pot ( 430 watt, 50-530 deg C) close loop precision temperature

Solder pots / Solder Baths provide an efficient means of keeping molten solder at an ideal temperature for use when tinning wire leads, soldering iron tips or small electrical components. This molten solder is used for dip soldering. There are various sizes and capacities of soldering pots; select one based on the size and weight requirements of your projects.

Usually Solder Pots come with stainless steel solder baths that are ok for lead soldering, however for lead free soldering they work fine but the pot / bath life is reduced. Therefore, people usually go for special alloy material or titanium solder baths as they are more friendly with lead free solder.

Long Life Solder Pots In India:

We at Advance Tech have been associated with Goot Japan since 1996 because of high reliability of their products. Goot Soldering pots have a cast iron bath option and a special SUS316 bath option which is an austenitic stainless steel containing molybdenum which is suitable for lead- and lead-free solders. SUS316 bath has a very high resistance to corrosion and hence, solder pot has a very long life.

Goot solder pots also have Digital Temperature display and control options. Goot solder pots have low noise output and are suitable for various dip soldering and pre-tinning applications like large terminals, connectors, large lead wires etc.

Goot Solder pots have solder capacity ranging from 300g to 50kg with a variable temp. range and wattage range between 130W to 1400 W.

You can have a Solder Pot with manual temperature control or digital temperature control and a digital display. The digital display is dual type which shows both set and current temperature and also comes with PID controller which makes the solder pot very accurate in terms of temperature.

An analog or dial-controlled solder pot works well for most applications, but digital models offer greater accuracy and simplicity of use. They feature digital displays that let you adjust temperature with precision while alerting when it is near empty.

We also deal in Low-Cost Solder Pots by TOKii, which are popular in industry for it’s quality at a good price. TOKii solder pots also come with digital display and digital temperature control.